Why not unwind and disconnect from technology and the office in Muzart Music and Art Schools Adult Art Workshops. In these workshops you learn to draw and express yourself in a creative way. Use these workshops as an escape from mundane weekend errands and dive into the world of art. These workshops are 6 weeks long and each workshop has a very specific subject matter. Muzart Music and Art School does not believe in a step by step process to create a specific painting. Instead, create the painting of your dreams while our instructors will guide you and teach you all the required techniques to achieve what you want.


Muzart Music and Art School workshops are up to 5 people only. This way we guarantee the teachers will work closely with the students for the best learning experience. At Muzart , even the group lessons feel like they are private.

Drawing People: Portraiture and Human Form 

  • Explore drawing faces and full body compositions with graphite pencils and coloured pencils. Students will learn how to use value, shading, line and shape to draw realistic faces and bodies in various poses.

Drawing Perspective: Architecture

  • Starting with the basics, discover simple tricks for one-point perspective to give cityscape scenes life-like depth. Learn how to draw buildings, houses and other architectural designs with two-point perspective.

Painting Landscapes (Acrylic)

  • Learn how to paint beautiful and intriguing landscapes. The course will cover the basics of colour and colour mixing, painting light and shadow, and blending to create convincing and vivid nature scenes.

Painting Still Life (Acrylic)

  • Paint a variety of objects and arrangements in a realistic manner. Learn the basics of light and shadow, colour mixing, composition, and perspective to create compelling still life works.