While guitar is currently his main musical outlet, Jeff’s first stint with an instrument began at the age of 10 on the clarinet, playing in the school band.  However, after strumming his first few chords at a friend’s house during his teens, the decision to make the switch became obvious.  As the years passed and his aptitude for music grew, it ultimately lead to the decision to turn guitar into more than just a hobby.

Since then Jeff has completed a degree at York University in Music Performance, where during his time there he was put through the paces studying guitar with Andrew Scott and Lorne Lofsky, along with other great Toronto area musicians such as Kelly Jefferson, Mark Eisenman and Mike Murley to name a few.

Although certainly a capable jazz guitarist, Jeff has subsequently delved into many other genres such as pop and rock as an on call accompanist, musical theatre as a member of a pit orchestra as well as in various bands around the GTA playing lead or rhythm guitar.

In addition to the playing side of things, Jeff has also worked on various projects from an arranging and writing perspective having produced work in a musical theatre capacity as well as for small and large jazz/pop ensembles.