Mya Popova’s childhood was spent in the midst of make-belief adventures. Perhaps from a desire to make her imaginary world more tangible, Mya turned to drawing at an early age, using wall paper as her first canvas. When she was 8 years old, Mya’s family immigrated to Canada, and drawing became her favorite hobby. After some years passed, she confidently auditioned for an Arts School. The audition was successful, and with the encouragement of loved ones, she completed the program.

Currently, Mya continues to expand her artistic boundaries, often with a group of other artists, family and friends.

Mya’s work was recently published in Silver Leaves journal  (2009/2010). She also participated in live painting with Art Fuzion at Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show 2010 and Queen West Art Crawl 2010. Collaborative work with Art Fuzion was also displayed at Steam Whistle Art Gallery 2010.

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