Tiago Vieira has been playing and studying music from the age of five, with his primary instrument being the piano, and his secondary instrument being the flute. Piano study immediately began at age five, with the flute being picked up in the early years of elementary school. The two instruments were frequently played throughout the elementary and high school grade levels, with Tiago mostly playing the flute in his school’s various concert bands, and piano in both recitals and his school’s jazz band. He was also selected on three occasions to participate in the Conference of Independent School’s Music Festival, playing the flute twice in the festival’s symphonic band, and tickling the ivories once in its jazz band.

Tiago Vieira is currently completing his music history and theory degree at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music, and studied piano there with faculty member’s Marina Geringas and Alma Petcherksy. He was also a member of the faculty’s MacMillan Singers for two years, forming part of the choir’s tenor section.

Tiago holds a grade 10 piano certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and completed an elementary level piano pedagogy course at the conservatory as well.