Yara Kamal is an artist and designer living in Canada. With a constant excitement to create and learn new things, Yara completed her Bachelors of Design degree in Fashion Communications at Ryerson University.

Yara’s inspiration comes from child thinking, people, nature, books and the outdoors. Ever since Yara was a child, she was always illustrating, painting and participating in art competitions. She won a couple of art awards in middle school and then after a few years, her passion for art extended into design which led to the realization that designing clothes is her greatest passion. She loves to mix art and human’s imaginations into her designs. Yara established a clothing line, SCRIBBLES, that is inspired by the idea of unleashing the child within. The designs are created from children’s stories and are meant to inspire adults to keep their minds young through communicating with art and clothing. Her brand SCRIBBLES was founded during her final year in University and is now taking a major rebranding curve.

Yara’s skills vary from graphic design, visual arts, painting, illustrating, photography, art direction and sewing. She is ready for anything the creative field offers. She is always reminding herself to live life with upmost creativity through the continuous practice of conceptual blending. Yara wants to inspire and be inspired and she believes that it’s up to each and every one of us to fill in our worldly canvas with the story that we want to tell.