Seniors opting to take our programs in the morning hours, between of the hours of 9AM and 2PM will receive an extra 10% off the regular price (Monday through Friday only). Music lessons at Muzart Music and Art School are private for the best educational experience.

Some people think that to be skilled in the liberal arts you need to start young. Here at Muzart, we don’t think that at all! There are many benefits as an older person picking up a musical instrument or the visual arts, including use of fine motor skills, cognitive exercise, as well as a meaningful and joyful form of self expression that is important at all ages. Our instructors will happily guide you through a program of your choosing in either art or music (or both!) in a way that is both relaxed and challenging, but always fulfilling.

Muzart offers private art classes and private music lessons on all instruments to students of all ages and levels of experience. If you’re 65+ or a stay at home adult, you’ll receive a %10 discount off of your registration for the full term, if you are taking classes between 9AM and 2PM.

Come and see what hidden artistic and musical talents you’ve yet to discover!