Private Art Lessons

Learning in a private setting allows for more one-on-one attention and feedback! and best of all it’s affordable and flexible – perfect for any schedule!
girl taking private art lesson

Private Art Lessons in Toronto and Etobicoke

Our Private art lessons will allow you do just the style or theme of art you want.You can tackle anything
from sketching to painting. No style or concept is off limits, you can  explore landscapes, human form, still-life, fantasy or cartooning.

Private Art Lessons at Muzart Music and Art School are geared and customized towards you, so no matter if you are or your child are a beginner or a student with more experience, our lessons are a perfect fit and provided by a enthusiastic and supportive teacher.

For beginner artists trying to find their passion, basic portraiture is a great place to start. It teaches through a
combination of simple lines and shapes, and can be increased in difficulty for those looking for an extra

Concepts such as colour, shadow, depth, movement, perspective, proportion, and composition can
be learned with various projects, geared towards the interest of the student. At Muzart we gear our Private Art Lessons in a very specific way to keep the student advancing, while our teachers challenge the student in order to make them master other skills.

Starting with coloured pencil, artists can use their skills in a variety of media. Coloured pencils, oil pastel,
acrylic, and watercolour are all provided by the school. If the student wishes to explore speciality media, they
must bring their own supplies. Portfolio preparation is also available for those interested in applying to visual
arts programs in secondary schools. Choose from 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons.

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Book Your First Lesson Now