Private Drum Lessons

Private Drum Lessons

Does your son or daughter constantly tap out rhythms on their desks with their pencils? Or maybe you do! Drum lessons are the best way to put that energy into use! Not only are the drums the backbone and drive of any rock band, but they’re also a great way to build musicianship, coordination, and even help with motor skills.

Our drum teachers are highly skilled and have experience teaching both children and adults in one-on-one drum lessons. In other words, students learn rhythmic reading and methods in the context of both technical exercises and contemporary beats. 

Learning how to play the drums involves a variety of skills that go beyond just tapping on the beat. The range of skills students learn in their lessons will allow them to play along with all of their favourite songs.

At Muzart Muzart and Art School, we teach using an electronic drum set. The volume of the set can be adjusted, as well as the type of drum set. This adjustment helps the student hear how different sets of drums would sound, allowing for a more diverse learning experience. These instruments are built in a way to provide the same amount of feedback after playing so the students will feel that they are playing a real drum set.

Whether you’re hoping to stop your kids from drumming on all your pots and pans, consider taking private drum lessons. Learning how to play the drums is a fun and active way for energetic kids and adults to channel that energy into something creative and fun!