Private Guitar Lessons

Private Guitar Lessons

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a rock star, our private guitar classes are for you! Guitar is one of the most popular instrument choices and is a big favourite with kids and adults alike. Learning how to play the guitar is a great skill that will provide years of enjoyment and fun.

Our highly qualified guitar teachers strive to help students of all ages develop both technical and musical skills.  Guitar lessons at Muzart will provide you with the knowledge needed to learn how to read sheet music, guitar tabs, picking, and strumming. Guitar lessons taken at Muzart help you master those skills using a combination of technique exercises and contemporary songs. 

You have the option to work through a more classical guitar program, or a more relaxed recreational program using songs you already know and love! Our teachers are very flexible and talented musicians, and they can help you figure out how to play that song you’ve always wanted to play in your one-on-one guitar lessons.

Are you hoping to play acoustic guitar, or electric guitar? Our instructors are knowledgeable about both and will be able to help you learn the instrument of your choosing. For beginner and inexperienced students, they can also help provide you with information on how to buy a guitar. It is very important to buy a guitar that is the correct size for you or your child to ensure the best experience. At Muzart we can help guide you choose the best guitar as well. 

Whether you’re a beginner student with zero guitar experience, or someone who has been playing guitar for a long time. Guitar Lessons at Muzart Muzart Music and Art School is the place for you.