Private Violin Lessons

Private Violin Lessons

There are many benefits to learning the violin. Learning violin helps to increase coordination and has been linked to enhanced academic skills. It also improves attention span and critical thinking. The first few lessons with the violin may be proven a challenge as the student learns how to hold the bow correctly and develop the correct amount of pressure needed to apply on the strings. However, once these skills are achieved, the progress grows rapidly. Above all,  the  student can learn very quickly their favourite violin music at any age. 

Our Violin teachers will help you choose the proper size violin for you or your child. In other words, a proper size violin will provide the student the proper tools they need to progress in a steady manner. 

The teachers at Muzart Music and Art School conduct their violin lessons in a very relaxed yet education oriented fashion. Therefore making the first few steps of learning the violin as enjoyable as possible. 

In no time, your child or yourself will start playing more advanced songs and the efforts of the first few lessons will be rewarded. As we learn more complicated songs, the teachers will start introducing more advanced concepts to help the student continue their journey forward. 

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