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3 Reasons Why You Should Study Visual Arts

Picture this. You’re sitting in a classroom on a hot June day when the only noises you hear are the teacher’s, the soft movement of pencils on paper, and quiet whispers of classmates.

You decide to put that pencil of yours to good use and start doodling. You start with a tiny circle, then another, a smile, some shading around, and BOOM!

You now have a piece of work on the lined sheet of paper that should be filled with notes, but I promise not to tell your teacher.

However, what if I were to tell you taking a larger interest in the finer arts can help improve your hand-eye coordination, social skills, and vocabulary for the future?

Don’t believe me? Keep on reading!

From Eye to Hand to Paintbrush: Hand-eye Coordination

As it serves its purpose in music where we see the notes in front of us, use our instrument, and play to our heart’s desire, the skill of hand-eye coordination holds itself to a higher standard in regards to the millions of artwork pieces in museums and even the homes of the next generation of artists.

Whatever creation may bounce off the easel, it’s decided by the artist.

Whether it’s a beach view in Aruba to hang above their bed or a piece which they’ve put hand cramps, sweat, and tears into, it’s one which holds elements for an art medium of their choice.

In gaining a further understanding of the different art forms in modern day art from our instructors who’ve worked on pieces of their own, they help students like you to SEE the many varieties of colours and picture the many possibilities it can have on your painting, to which you’ll want to GRAB the right drawing utensil no matter the shape or size for the job, and communicate to your mind the action to DRAW out your masterpiece.

How Art Evokes Communication: Social Skills

When you visit the Art Gallery of Ontario in Downtown Toronto, you’re bound to meet fellow art-goers who appreciate the time and effort that goes into each paint stroke or sculpture.

From this opportunity, you’ll meet friends who share common interests or spark up a conversation with the nice elderly couple, but it all starts with one word: Communication.

All the greatest artists and those who rose in success didn’t make the choice to create one piece of work only and sit down waiting for someone to notice it.

You, as a future artist who I can tell will do great things, should get an understanding of how to navigate a conversation, get the word out that you have begun a career in art, and be the one everyone goes to.

With the help of our instructors, whether it’s one-on-one sessions to focus on building up your art portfolio or group art lessons which provide a sense of responsibility and working together as a team, they look to ensure you’ve figured out the right topics and how to perceive the self-indulged decisions of an artist’s, a skill which can help open up more doors.

Learning New Words = The Mind of an Encyclopedia: Vocabulary

From the countless pages of books you’ve read and later typed into a book report, you’ve seen the words in front of you change from ‘the dog walked down the street’ to ‘the animal with fur the shade of a oak table made his graceful display to onlookers from the impact of taking a stroll across the traffic-filled streets.’

We learn new words each day which can help persuade a point further to those around us, describe a certain feeling or emotion to a greater extent, or allow you to freshen up on dialect if you’re learning a new language.

With Group Art Lessons offered at Muzart Music and Art School in Etobicoke, children ages 5-12 can get an understanding of art and its different mediums, along with learning their respective terms and how to describe modern-day artwork.

From the guidance of our instructors, the difference between abstract art and contemporary, for instance, would be demonstrated in an effective manner, even if their passion arrives in the form of a school project you worked on or a simple smiley face.

Although, if working in a group is something to brush off, no pun intended, Private Lessons are just a simple call away and can help advance your skills to a higher degree or prepare you for your next journey of an art education.

When it comes to this choice of taking a leap into working on art pieces, you’ll be learning a new skill, one that becomes evident for years to come. You’ll also begin to notice a difference towards the world around you and how art is everywhere, you just have to keep your eye on it.

That's The Muzart Difference!

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