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4 Reasons Why You Should Enrich Your Child With Music Lessons

Picture this. It’s your birthday. Your child decides what you would love most besides spa passes, a new car, or a credit card automatically paid off every month is a birthday song in bed.

It’s one of the best gestures you can have as a parent, up until their makeshift instrument creates a rhythm to make a music producer take their sunglasses off for and sigh.

Sorry, Little Billy and Suzie. It’s a good thing you’re not on tour yet.

All jokes aside, there’s a solution to help children find their extracurricular activity to shape them for the better which includes discipline to gain an understanding of the correct methods, patience to learn it to perfection, hand eye coordination to identify the music notes and allow their hands to follow through and play, and math skills which can come in handy on their surprise math quiz they’ll bring home, this time with a big smile across their face.

It all starts with booking music lessons for your child and allowing this blog to be your guide.

The Discipline at Hand

At Muzart Music Schools located in Etobicoke, we provide piano, guitar, voice, drum, and art lessons to help enlighten children and teens about the wonderful world of music and how it continuously flows around us.

After all, music is a skill anyone can learn from the start of holding their first instrument and playing a few chords to get used to it.

Music lessons are an extracurricular activity separate from sports where there aren’t winners or losers to take home a trophy or get a uniform dirty. Each person is different in the direction they’d like to go with their instrument or voice and our instructors always have your child’s best interests in mind to guide them with each chord or on how high they should go with their vocal range as time progresses.

Your child will have the ability to learn underneath those who’ve found their true calling from being in this exact situation and gained the urge to fill their world with listening to music past and present, analyzing the words and instruments used, and looking to inspire the next generation.

Inside of our one-on-one classes, our instructors look to ensure your child can be their best self and create music of their own.

Patience at its finest

If you were to compare Canadian rap artist Drake and Queen’s longtime guitarist Brian May, it’s safe to say both individuals hold different qualities in their musical abilities which separate each other heavily including the genres they choose to stay in, rap and rock respectively.

You wouldn’t see Brian May start a rap career at his age with smoke screens hitting arena ceilings or Drake picking up a guitar to perform his songs with a microphone, a black stool, and a tiny spotlight to evoke his shadow. As time passed in their career and they experimented with different sounds, they’ve both found their niche fans enjoy and used this to their ability.

The same applies for your child who attends our lessons and after their 3rd lesson, for instance, you notice the use of the top three chords of the guitar at the beginning, but something in you wants to see a little bit more progress.

In the words of American author Joyce Meyer in her book Spiritual Inspiration ‘Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.’

Every lesson your child attends is one to help them for the future. They may learn the first three chords on top of the guitar the first time from the instructor, but their next lesson could be how to move towards the middle of the guitar and back to the top in a smooth manner.

With any skill that comes with being taught, it takes a while, but once the skill is understood and towards their benefit from the help of our instructors, they’ll come out shining.

Hand Eye Coordination, a skill to keep their focus on

At a very young age, children are experimenting with their environment and interacting with objects that are visually appealing to them.

Whether it’s small cubes they can grasp with their small hands and locate an opening shaped to fit, the idea of completing such a task is rewarded by those around them!

This skill set of following through with an action based on its visual appearance, in our case sheet notes, is essentially the same and very important towards learning the right chords to play on time or on how high your child’s vocal cords should go, should they look to achieve this goal with more lessons.

From one-on-one lessons, your child can learn at their own pace with our wonderful team of instructors who look to start them off slowly, no matter their experience.

We look to keep them focused on the task at hand with each lesson and obstacle that comes their way, making sure the wonderful sound they’re producing can be done while advancing their hand eye coordination if they wish to work on more complex songs of a faster pace or help inspire them towards creating a song of their own if they wish. We’d love to hear it!

Hand eye coordination is also important for their future, another reason why starting your child early with music lessons can get a head start and help them adapt to the skill of processing information visually and completing it with their hands.

When Two Subjects Collide for The Better: Math Skills & Music

In music, there are certain guidelines that come with creating even a single line of a song.

Everything from how many words the first verse should be to the number of musical notes is the smidge of glue to hold everything together and remain consistent throughout.

Musicians and producers alike look to ensure on top of the impact the words have on every song they work on, the melody should come naturally with it and stay coherent to reach the ears of listeners and keep them listening all the way to the end to press replay.

With your child practicing with our instructors and learning how whichever instrument they choose can hold its own unique feature to music, they will gain an understanding of addition and division skills beneficial towards improving their schoolwork and memorization of not only the correct notes found on their sheet music, but the importance of mnemonic devices and the purpose they serve in regards to the formulas found in their math problems.

Picture this. Your child comes home after another successful day at Muzart and tells you to take a seat in the family room and keep your eyes closed. Once they come down, the first thing you hear besides the light noise of them running, is a piano chord, then another, then a melody like never before, until you open your eyes and see your child playing a full song to which they shout “My instructor taught me that!”

That’s the Muzart Difference.

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