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Tor is a passionate drummer with 11 years of experience. Starting at the age of 9 with only a snare drum, he practiced on that until he was able to buy a full drum set. His early love of rock music kept him excited about music, learning all his favourite songs. Tor now has a deep passion for jazz music and has played in many jazz ensembles in post secondary education, as well as free-lancing around Toronto with his quartet and busking in Kensington Market.


After graduating high school at age 17, he moved to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music under legendary drummers Kenwood Dennard, Kim Plainfield, and Casey Scheuerell. After two years at Berklee he decided to come back to Toronto to start a Bachelor of Music degree at Humber College, studying with relevant jazz drummers in the Toronto music scene such as Barry Romberg, Ben Ball and now with Mark Kelso.


Tor has a love for many genres of music and actively listens to and plays funk, rock, Latin music and many others.


With two years of teaching experience, Tor understands the individuality and various needs of different students. Tor creates personalized lesson plans for his students that are catered to their own musical interests and goals. Tor is excited to meet young drummers and share the gift of music with inspired students.