Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of payment can I use to pay for my classes?

At Muzart we accept preauthorized credit cards (VISA, VISA Debit, Mastercard or Mastercard Debit).

Your account will be billed on the first day of each month of your term automatically.

Can I pay cash or debit?

Although we offer debit and cash transactions for our book purchases, you are not able to pay for your classes by cash unless you would like to pay for the entire term as a lump sum.

Can I pay month-by-month?

We require a preauthorized credit card for registration. However, as your credit card will only be billed on thefirst of the month, you’ll only be paying once each month for the same amount every time. We are not able to complete registration without a preauthorized payment or credit card information.

Why do I need to pay in advance for a demonstration class?

In fairness to the teachers who are committing their time for your class, we ask that you visit us ahead of your lesson, or pay through a secure link you will receive, to pay for your demonstration class.

What if I decide to discontinue my lessons?

Muzart requires a 30-day withdrawal notice from our programs. This means that, after giving notice of withdrawal and completing the withdrawal forms, you will remain enrolled for the next 30 days, after which your account will no longer be billed.

Can you hold a spot without registration?

We do not hold spots. Your spot is secured once you have enrolled and payment has been received.

When does registration for the fall term (September-June) begin?

Registration for the fall term begins in the beginning of May. We recommend that students with requests for specific teachers and/or times register as soon as possible because we are unable to hold spots without a completed registration and payment info.

It’s halfway through the year (December, February) am I still able to register for classes?

Yes! You can enter our programs at any time during the year, even if you’ve missed September altogether. You will then be signed up from the time you start until the end of the term ( end of June, or end of August if the summer term.)

When will information about summer classes become available?

We begin our summer registration in April. During the summer term (July to August), Muzart is open
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:00pm – 8:00pm.

Can I contact teachers outside of class time?

For the protection and privacy of our instructors, we do not give out the personal contact information of our teachers. If you need to contact your teacher for something related to your, or your child’s, lessons, please call or email reception and they will be happy to pass your message along for you ASAP!

Do I need to own an instrument to take lessons?

Although many students begin their lessons without yet owning their own instruments, having an instrument to practice on at home is crucial to musical development and learning. For pianists, a simple keyboard is more than fine for beginner students. For guitar and drums, your instructor can help you figure out what kind of instrument you need and will be able to give recommendations on where to buy one.

Can I transfer my lessons to another person (family member)?

Yes, we do allow transfers between immediate family members (meaning spouse, sibling, parents) without penalty if the same method of payment applies. However, if there is a change in payment method or amount (due to a change in lesson day, or type of class), there may be some monetary differences – please talk to reception if this is your case.

When is the end of year recital?

The Muzart end-of-term recital usually falls on a Saturday in June.

What lessons do you offer?

Muzart offers private lessons in piano, guitar, voice, drums and art.  We also offer group lessons in art.

Ready To Book Your First Lesson?

Have More Questions?

Ready To Book Your First Lesson?

Have More Questions?


Bring out your inner Ringo with Muzart’s drum lessons. Drum lessons are a great way to introduce yourself or your child to music. Our teachers can help you learn specific riffs or even improvise all while learning to keep your beat and rhythm.


Guitar is a very fun instrument to play, learn to play rock songs or focus on some jazz standards or even prepare for RCM exams. Muzart’s guitar lessons program has it all.


Piano lessons are a great way to start your musical journey. It is the go to instrument for anyone wanting to start playing music but isn’t sure of which instrument is best. Our piano lesson program is quite extensive, learn to play for fun, prepare for your RCM exams or study Jazz.


Ever wanted to sing your favourite song but were too hesitant? fear not, Muzart’s singing lessons are just for you. Whether you want to sing at a choir or just sing for fun, we can help you. Find out how we can help you prepare for RCM exams, learn some songs for fun or help you get ready for an audition.


If you like to further develop your art skills, focus on a very specific art form, or you are planning to audition for an art school and need help with your portfolio preparation these classes are for you. Our private lessons are geared specifically towards you in order to help you hone your skills.


For children between the ages of 5-12, our group lessons are a great way to get started on art. These classes teach the basics of art and let the kids experiment in different mediums, different art styles in a well rounded program.

Ready To Book Your First Lesson?

Have More Questions?

Ready To Book Your First Lesson?

Have More Questions?

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