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Samantha comes from a musical family, so it was no surprise that she was drawn to the arts. She started learning music from a young age, trying out various instruments ultimately feeling at home with voice and piano. After finding her passion, she began immersing herself in any kind of singing opportunity available to her! Singing in various choirs, performing groups and music theater productions.

While studying music in high school, she discovered she enjoyed both the challenges and rewards of helping students grow into their own as artists when she started tutoring in music and so, decided to pursue music post-secondarily. She attended York University for a BFA Honours in Vocal Performance and Concurrent Education.

Samantha is a classically trained mezzo-soprano with extensive experience in a variety of genres including music theatre, jazz, pop and folk. She is an experienced vocal/piano teacher who specializes in audition/exam prep and working on artists self expression. Her teaching is heavily focused on building students’ confidence and skill in equal measure by building good habits and creating a safe space to learn and grow!

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